Apart from being an award winning screenwriter and a communications professional for over 15 years she is degreed in both writing and communications.  Her belief in a good story being able to inspire peoples lives is her purpose for being on the C.H.Comics team.  She's our Marketing Manager/Social Media Director.

To list all of Elijah Mannings accomplishments as an actor and creative force of nature would fill this page.  From being a graduate of The American Musical and Dramatic Academy to working with Keith David onstage he's a swiss army knife of creativity.  That is why him being our Senior Editor fits so well.  He keeps us on track.

Charles Simpson has been an artist since was a child.  Having been a comic artist for Hound Comics, a card designer for Upper Deck along with many others he has a style all his own and artistic attention to detail that is unmatched.  As our Chief Creative Officer he oversees the project from artistic conception to on paper birth.  His ability to do this of his own work and all other artists working for us is why he has the job.

Alexander Burbridge has the resume and pedigree that shows why he's our Senior Story Editor.  His ability to write and edit in multiple genres and years of experience show in every piece of work he's attached to. Other than writing for multiple other houses, he's also self published.  Co writing "Alex The Astonishing" is icing on the cake for us.

Victor Smith being degreed in business is no stranger to his position as Business Manager.  His attention to the bottom line and ability to navigate in the business world means that we are in good hands.  A fan of DC and Marvel his favorite  super hero is Superman.  "I'm happy to be a part of a new breed of comics."

Lawrence King has written in multiple mediums including spec scripts, short films and comics.  A longtime comic reader and fan himself he has originated all the ideas as well as written all the C.H.Comics first editions except for "Avery The Astonishing" which he co wrote.  His love for comics led him to be the Founder/CEO of C.H.Comics and bring the stories that readers will be reading for generations to come. 

From almost nothing to almost something.